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Trade homemade and homegrown food with people near you.

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KOIN 6 news video about Chowswap.
Chowswap is a site for people who make, grow, or raise their own food. Ever can 40 quarts of tomatoes and wonder what you're going to do with them? What if you could trade a couple jars for some fresh backyard eggs? Or some homemade pasta, or some apricot jam, or a basket of zucchini? Check "Available food" and find out what's in your neighborhood, or on your ride in to work (assuming you ride your bike to work!).

For now, the site is focused on the Portland, Oregon area (and other Oregon communities), but feel free to try listing something in your hometown, if you're not from here. And, since we're still getting started, please leave any feedback that occurs to you by clicking on the plus sign on the bottom right corner of each screen (for logged-in users only). I'm really interested in figuring out what will make this a more useful and enjoyable tool.