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Food Foraging!

Taking a cue from catfsm1, I thought I would start a thread on foraging. It's something I've been looking at for a while. I've got a book or two that points out the stuff NOT to eat and some info on the stuff that is good for you. Anyway, I am thinking I'm going to attempt some self-education on the subject.

I would love to meet anyone who wants to give it a try. Don't have any definite plans yet, but I think I'm gonna start by doing hikes in the local parks with my books, and just see what I can find.

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One thing I always do is ride

One thing I always do is ride down the Springwater trail and pick blackberries for pie or jam. Not very advanced foraging, I know, but it's pretty easy! I infused some cheap bourbon with blackberries last year to make... well, some manner of redneck cordial, anyway. There are a few pretty good apple trees along the trail, too.

I would love to find a good spot to gather wood sorrel. I love that stuff.

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Springwater Trail

I've been eying those same apple trees on my hikes over to Powell Butte... does anyone know if the city sprays any plants along the trail?

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Yummy stuff all around town

Here's an ongoing map of edibles all around town, plus some other foraging info... happy hunting!

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Huh, that's a really cool

Huh, that's a really cool resource! Thanks.

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The Portland Fruit Tree

The Portland Fruit Tree Project is an organized form of this! I want to get involved with them at some point.

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Portland Fruit Tree

Yeah, they're a really neat group. Love that idea of using food that would otherwise go to waste!