Cherry pureeing trick

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Cherry pureeing trick

I recently discovered a nice trick for processing a bunch of cherries without having to painstakingly pit and stem each fruit. I just dumped a few cupsful of cherries at a time into the blender, whirled them up (it helps to add a tiny bit of water, although you can do it without), and dumped them into a strainer. I did need to use a spoon to press and scrape the crushed fruit against the strainer.

After I had the full amount in the strainer, and not much more was passing through, I added a couple spoonsful of water, and pressed and scraped some more out, then dumped the remaining puree into a square of mesh cloth (I use super cheap voile drapery fabric from a fabric store, at about $2-3 a yard). I worked it into a ball, twisted up the fabric, and forced out another pint or so of juice.

If you really want to be economical, the next step is to dump the dry puree into a quart jar, pour in vodka or brandy to cover, and steep for a couple weeks, to make your own kirschwasser!

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What is Kirschwasser? Do you

What is Kirschwasser? Do you use it strait or in mixes? Sounds really interesting!